How to Remove your Avast from Gmail

Remove Avast from Gmail

Avast antivirus is a famous security software that offers various protection tools to the user. From data to network; Avast premium antivirus provides all security tools. One famous feature of your Avast antivirus is the mail scanner feature. The email phishing threats are increasing. Sometimes, cybercriminals send the email and add the malicious code in its attachment. When the user opens the attachment, malware gets installed on the device. To prevent all these types of issues, Avast antivirus provides a mail scanning feature.

Users can add the mail to Avast and prevent all malicious emails. The avast mail security feature checks the incoming and outgoing mail. When you receive mail, the Avast mail scanner checks it for spam or threat. If the incoming mail is harmful or spam then it gets transferred to the spam folder. Your Avast also inspects the outgoing mail and restricts those mails which are travelling without your knowledge. 

Steps for removing Avast antivirus signature from Gmail

Avast also provides the signature feature. When you create an email; the Avast signature gets added to it. Once your email gets the Avast signature, no one can modify your email. This feature helps in preventing data intrusion threats. If you don’t want to add the Avast signature then you can easily remove it.

  1. Open your Avast Internet Security antivirus on the device
  2. Hit on the Menu button
  3. Tap on the Avast settings page
  4. Choose Protection option
  5. Click on the Core Shield button
  6. Navigate and choose Configure shield settings option
  7. Click on Mail shield

Now go to the list and uncheck Add a signature option. Tap on the confirm button and now you won’t get the signature on your outgoing emails. 

After removing the Avast signature, scan the system regularly to enhance the protection. Update your setup regularly to protect the device from new threats. If you are using the free Avast then you will get regular upgrade popups. For Avast free stop pop ups; users have to disable the notifications. Now the user won’t get Avast popups on his device. You can also upgrade your Avast antivirus to provide better security features. You can enable the runtime protection on Avast antivirus to ensure that the system is fully secure from all dangers. 

Removing Avast signature from Avast 2018

If you are using the Avast 2018 setup then you have to follow different steps for removing the Avast signature from Gmail. But removing the Avast signature feature may increase the threats. If any intruder gets the email then he can easily make edits on it. When you are sure to remove the Avast signature; use these steps.

  1. Go to PC and click on the Avast icon (orange icon)
  2. Open the Settings page
  3. Click on the General page
  4. Scroll down and search for email signature
  5. Uncheck the box and tap on confirm button

After removing the Avast signature; restart the device and now you can send the email without Avast signature. Open your Gmail account and now send an email. Now check whether your Avast signature has been disabled or not. 

Removing Avast antivirus signature from Gmail on version 2016 and older

If you have the old Avast setup on your computer then you have to disable the signature using a different method. 

  1. Go to your start button and tap on Programs
  2. Hit on the Programs and Features option
  3. Tap on the Change button
  4. Avast antivirus setup page will appear
  5. Hit on the Modify button 
  6. Go to the Mail Shield page
  7. Tap on the Change and Confirm button
  8. Wait for some time until next Avast screen appears 
  9. Again, go to the Windows Start page
  10. Open the notepad
  11. Press ctrl+O
  12. Now you have to provide the path
  13. You will see the files on the screen

Change the values to 0 and then save the file. Tap on the confirm button and now you should check the email. 

After removing the Avast signature, your mails are not secured by Avast. Users must inspect all the incoming and outgoing mail correctly. When you receive any mail; check the email address correctly. Never click on the attachments from an unknown address. Users must scan the system regularly to prevent all the dangerous threats from entering the device.

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